Strategic IT Security 2021

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April 22nd 2021

Time 09:00 - 14:10

Live digital event


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April 22nd 2021, 09:00 - 14:10

Live digital event

Free admission

About Strategic IT Security 2021 Conference

Strategic IT Security 2021 – Nordic Digital Conference

IT-security has become a strategic discipline, that combines management, behavior, process, and technology.

Strategic IT Security 2021 is about the IT-security landscape right now, and an in-depth overview of the latest trends, solutions, and tools in the fields of cyber security and cyber defense.

Join us as we focus on risk assessments, the current threat landscape, and the technological solutions that, combined, can increase safety.

At Strategic IT Security 2021 leading experts and vendors will provide input on where to focus your efforts for maximum gain, how you plan your IT security efforts strategically, and what to do when hackers hit your business?

By attending this Strategic IT Security 2021 conference, you get the opportunity to listen to and learn from leading experts.

This is what ”Strategic IT Security 2021” is all about.

Strategic IT Security 2021 is an interactive digital conference

As a participant in the digital conference Strategic IT Security 2021, you can live stream presentations from experts and leading suppliers, ask questions and participate in the digital breakout sessions - all moderated by Computerworld's skilled editors.

Strategic IT Security 2021 will focus on the never-ending story about security and cyber-defense, and how you can defend your business and your customer’s data and information. Together with several leading experts and digital executives from all over the Nordic countries, this conference seeks to give you the best input to focus even more on cyber security in the future.

The strategies and experiences of how you can avoid the consequences of crashes and hacker attacks

Connect, network and knowledge-sharing with the leading experts and companies that might help you find your security solution

Is it worth the time and the money to invest in cyber security? The easiest answer is YES

Insights into how other companies defend themselves from getting attacked

Meet the speakers Strategic IT Security 2021


Mikko Hyppönen

Chief Research Officer


Christian Dinesen

Information Security Architect

Carlsberg Group


Jakob Schjoldager



Elise Stark-Johansen

Account Manager


Thomas Svensson

Sales Engineer, NORDICS


Ronald Pool

Cyber Security Specialist


Thomas Grønne

Chef for sikkerhedsforretningen


Christian Rutrecht

IT Security Specialist & System Engineering Team Lead


Niamh Muldoon

Senior Director of Trust and Security


Yuval Moss

VP Identity Security



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Jakob Schjoldager, redaktør, Computerworld

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Securing our future

Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer, F-Secure

Security landscape never stands still. We see new kinds of threats from new kinds of attackers all the time. As the enemy changes, we security people need to change as well. Our job is to protect the security and privacy of our users. Our duty is to do it in a fair and open way. And our responsibility is to keep our promises for our users, regardless of the attackers' action.

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Changing Cyber Landscapes: The Battle of Algorithms

Elise Stark-Johansen, Account Manager, Darktrace

Among rapidly evolving technological advancements, the emergence of AI-enhanced malware is making cyber-attacks exponentially more dangerous and harder to identify. In the near future, we will begin to see supercharged, AI-powered cyber-attacks leveraged at scale. To protect against offensive AI attacks, organizations are turning to defensive cyber AI, which can identify and neutralize emerging malicious activity, no matter when, or where, it strikes.

In this session, learn about:
- Paradigm shifts in the cyber landscape
- Advancements in offensive AI attack techniques
- The Immune System Approach to cyber security and defensive, Autonomous Response capabilities
- Real-world examples of emerging threats that were stopped with Cyber AI

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The kitchen table admin – how to securely meet the new operational and privileged access challenges, without impacting productivity

Thomas Svensson, Sales Engineer, NORDICS, Thycotic

Remote workers have their own unique set of challenges under normal circumstances, throw into the mix many trusts are having to re-draw the perimeter defense line while ensuring safe access and application control against the backdrop of a huge spike in the volume of threats and security incidents. Join this session to find out about some powerful, smarter ways to control administrative privileges and reduce your attack surface, without slowing anyone down!

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Embracing a challenging year to position for future success

Ronald Pool, Cyber Security Specialist, Crowdstrike

While many organisations struggled in the last year, some were actually in the lucky position to thrive during the pandemic. We have especially seen sales & stock prices of companies, who facilitated work from home, reach all-time highs. But in the long run, it is not just those companies, that will profit from the challenges that 2020/21 brought. For quite a number of companies this sped up their digital transformation massively, allowing them to be more agile, have less cost for pysical offices, optimize workflows and ultimately have a competitive edge over other companies, that excpect to go back to 'the old ways'. However, fast digital transformation is not per se a flawless transformation, and some new risks may have been introduced. Risks that could change this competitive edge into a digital nightmare.
In this session we will take a look at some common mistakes that we have seen in this quick shift to work from home, and the implications on an organization's cyber security, when moving to work from home in haste.



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Your IT Security landscape - Origin, destination and travel guide

Thomas Grønne, Chef for sikkerhedsforretningen, Conscia

Do you have an overview of your IT security landscape? What does it look like currently, and what does the preferred destination look like?

In this session you will hear:
- how to access your current security landscape
- which route to take to move you forward
- how to avoid tourist traps that offer no real value
- what your end destination could look like

The road map is called CIS20
You will get inside knowledge of the CIS20 framework, and how to use it as a travel guide.

You will hear specific customer cases from others, who have travelled the road towards a safer, more understandable security setup. And you will also learn how big vendors, like Cisco Networks, fit into your travel plans, e.g. shoowing you how to swim in ICE-filled waters like a viking.

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The never-ending story of phishing, what can we do about it?

Christian Rutrecht, IT Security Specialist & System Engineering Team Lead, Fortinet

Since the early days of mail correspondence as a primary platform for communication Spam and Phishing has been a daily threat for the companies and its employees to combat. The first phishing attack originated around 1995 and just like in other aspects of cybercrime and malicious activity, the threat actors phishing activity has exponentially exploded and has become an ever-evolving way to compromise companies and organizations.

During the presentation we go over some of the new methods that the malicious actors use for phishing & malware delivery, including technics that is used for avoiding detection. To be able to combat these threats better in the feature and keep adapting, it is not just about technology, but processes and more importantly the integration of the two.

Learn more about how the Fortinet Security Fabric can support the organizations processes and policies, to technically enforce mitigation, remediation strategy and reporting.

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To Trust, or Not to Trust the Cloud; That is Your Compliance and Risk Question

Niamh Muldoon, Senior Director of Trust and Security, OneLogin

Many organisations struggle with digital transformation and cloud computing particularly when implementing a framework to meet their compliance requirements. In this session, we will discuss a framework and operational approach to support you to move your business forward delivering quality services balancing cost and risk.




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Why a Zero Trust Mindset drives an Identity Centric Security Strategy

Yuval Moss, VP Identity Security, Cyberark

As Organizations continue to adopt and embrace new technology platforms, it also brings with it the requirement to reassess how these new environments are secured.

During this session we run through the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures used in recent breaches and highlight the commonality across them; identity compromise and privilege elevation.

We will share recommendations on how to protect against Credential Theft, Lateral Movement and Privileged Escalation across Hybrid and Cloud environments.

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5 things that an IT security specialist should have on the checklist

Christian Dinesen, Information Security Architect, Carlsberg Group

Christian Dinesen is an experienced IT security specialist and he will introduce your to which 5 things are absolutely necessary to master in order to successfully protect your company from outside threats.

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Wrap up

Jakob Schjoldager, redaktør, Computerworld


Meet our partners at Strategic IT Security 2021


Meet our partners at Strategic IT Security 2021


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